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24.03.2021 – Spring begins with a wonderful achievement for Dan Mihai who has been appointed to the Sport Resolutions’ Panel in the International Panel of Arbitrators and Mediators for the period of three years, starting with April 1st.

“This appointment brings me a lot of satisfaction, my passion for sports and law being well known. I am honored to be part of a panel in which I can contribute with specific skills to sport dispute resolutions, particularly in these challenging times for the entire world.” – declared Dan.

Since it was founded in 1997 in response to a legal dispute that shook the foundations of British sport with its financial fallout, Sport Resolutions (SR) has developed into a leading and most respected independent organisation resolving legal issues in sport in the UK and – more increasingly in recent time – internationally.

We are delighted to share with you this great news, wishing Dan inspiration and success in this new role.

16.03.2021 – On March 18 at 14.00, #Zoomevent!
Dan Mihai will be a speaker at the Seminar on good practices in labor legislation organized by HR Club. The topic of discussion will be related to how the #Covid pandemic affected labor relations and how companies have adapted internal procedures to comply with  legislation and their own standards.
For details and registration, click here.

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1.03.2021 – Bucurosi de primavara si de martisoare!

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14.12.2020 – We are pleased to announce Maria Ilin as our firm’s newest Partner, effective 15 December 2020.

Attorney at Law and member of the Bucharest Bar, Maria joined our office in 2010 and since then she proved to be a reliable and trustworthy member of the team, always looking for ways to enhance the firm’s presence in the business community, while ensuring that every client’s needs are met at the highest level of professionalism.

Maria is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) and an active member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and of the Association of Privacy and Data Protection Specialists (ASCPD).

“I would like to thank Maria for the first ten years with us, for her active contribution to the firm’s growth, the generosity of her ideas and her work ethics. I trust that in the years to come she will show the same involvement and enthusiasm, the same dedication to our clients and support for the integration of the younger members of our team”, said Dan Mihai – founding partner of Mihai & Co. Business Lawyers.

10.12.2020 – We are extremely happy to share with you our winter logo. May the following days bring more of the joy and magic of the winter holidays.

01.12.2020 – Ziua de azi ne unește mai mult ca oricând și suntem bucuroși să putem lansa, concomitent cu pagina noastră de Facebook, noile noastre servicii juridice pentru persoane fizice. Pentru mai multe detalii, vă invităm să accesați site-ul nostru: https://bit.ly/mhlawpf

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17.09.2020 – It doesn’t matter if we work from home or from our office, as we try to keep it as homey as possible, inside and outside. The garden and the courtyard allow us to enjoy the last days of summer, while inside we keep it clean and quiet. The best working environment possible.
And a good cup of coffee is always at hand.
Enjoy this Thursday feeling!

Visit us on instagram: https://lnkd.in/ezD7A9m
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18.05.2020 – Noul Normal abordat, cum altfel, într-o conferință video. Tema e de interes general, lucrul la distanță, analizat sub toate fațetele, cu specialiști din toate domeniile. 

Adrian Locusteanu va fi acum gazda videoconferinței WORK REMOTE -The New Ways of Working. Conectați-vă acum și urmăriți dezbaterile.

Agenda conferinței
1. Munca de la distanță în perspectiva individuală
Schimbarea modului de lucru/schimbare de paradigmă/schimbare de mindset
2. Economia “la 1,5 metri distanță” – provocări și tendințe
Perspectiva companiilor, tendințe & provocări economice générale
3. Implicații juridice, securitate și protecția datelor personale – context legistlativ și privacy
4. Infrastructura și Transformarea Digitală
Covid19 ca posibil vector de transformare & accelerare digitală; cât de pregătiți suntem? Cât de repede putem înainta?

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13.05.2020 – In prima zi de lucru după încetarea stării de urgență, Dan Mihai va participa la o conferință pe o temă de actualitate – lucrul la distanță. Alături de Adrian Locusteanu – moderatorul întâlnirii, subiectul va fi dezbătut din mai multe perspective, de la transformarea digitală și siguranța cibernetică, până la legislația muncii, confidențialitatea informațiilor și GDPR.
Urmăriți conferința online, înregistrâdu-vă la adresa de pe site-ul Oxygen Events: https://bit.ly/wroxygen

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23.04.2020 – Let’s celebrate together #worldbookday. In this period of #confinement, books have become windows to the outside world, and a mean to fight against isolation. Reading a book to children is both entertaining and a way of teaching them useful things. For grown-ups, could be even a path to their inner space. We share with you today the books that we are reading now and we encourage you to share with us what you read. Have a great reading day and don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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02.04.2020 – It’s a completely new state of mind, our houses transformed into satellite headquarters, kindergartens and schools. Our family members turned out into office colleagues, and pets became our passports for a stroll in the park. We work hard these days, trying to preserve a present for future days, using all our knowledge and abilities to find solutions for our clients and the business community. Until we return to the new normality (we don’t know how future looks like), we all #stayhome and so is our logo, confined into a familiar space from which it continues to embody our spirit of #responsibility and #solidarity, that leads and unite us all.


26.03.2020 – Work from home, social distancing, disruption of the way we live, quarantine, uncertainty and yet, spring has come around us. Let’s have a look at it together, as those blossom trees and flowers bring us hope for a return to what we love most: freedom.
Stay home and stay safe! From all of us, at Mihai & Co. Business Lawyers

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18.03.2020 – Ne confruntăm cu o criză fără precedent şi, mai mult ca oricând, dorim să transmitem tuturor partenerilor noştri, colaboratorilor şi furnizorilor, hotărârea noastră de a-i susţine cu toată priceperea noastră, alocând toate resursele de care dispunem, pentru a găsi împreună soluţiile pentru depăşirea situaţiei create de încetinirea ritmului economic.

Avem clienţi care sunt deja afectaţi în mod direct de criză, prin scăderea masivă a vânzărilor din ultimele două săptămâni, care antrenează imediat o diminuare a lichidităţilor pe termen scurt şi mediu.

Noi privim acest moment cu multă responsabilitate şi dorim să contribuim, alături de alţi parteneri, la un adevărat fenomen de solidaritate a mediului de business, fiind dispuşi să împărtăşim din know-how-ul nostru în mod public (aşa cum o fac şi alţii).

Suntem în acel moment în care trebuie să înţelegem că doar împreună putem câştiga.

Să privim optimist şi pozitiv, resposabili şi solidari.

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09.03.2020 – When Women’s Day is on a Sunday, on Monday the office blossoms with smiles and laughs.
Grateful for the sunny and artsy messages, handmade by some talented kids.

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02.03.2020 – Can one describe his/her role in a team through art? This was the hashtagchallenge given by Irina Neacșu – talented designer and illustrator, to the entire team, during the last weekend team-building.

We discovered that we have not only talent, but also extraordinary qualities like the owl’s wisdom, the cat’s bravery, the high aspirations of the Phoenix bird, the cactus’s resilience and it’s surprising flowers, the power of abstraction and the elegance of a multi-leaf clover??☘️?.

We had to use all our manual abilities to go through all the steps of a linogravure, from drawing the model to digging the fragile ditches in which the color could enter and finally transfer it to the linen material.

Dirty hands in the end? Yes! But we enjoyed it so much and we realized how much we can accomplish together, how fun it can be and how surprising is the final result in a situation for which we were completely unprepared at the beginning.


01.03.2020 – Happy people outside the office, on a great team-building weekend in Brașov. We were blessed with sunny days, a productive workshop through which we discovered lots of similarities in our way of thinking, but also differences that are making us distinctive.

We explored the old centre of the city, with its colored houses and we enjoyed all the fun and light-hearted feeling that surrounded us. Grateful to our colleague, Raluca Mihai,  for the flawless organization of the entire trip.

20.02.2020 – This morning, during the Labour Law best practices workshop organized by HR Club, our colleague Maria Ilin shared with the local HR community how the human resources departments can include GDPR rules in their current activity.

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14.02.2020 – Last night, at the Gala organized by the Hellenic Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, our colleague Maria Ilin joined the winners of Successful Entrepreneurship Honorary Distinction – SofMedica Life Saving Innovation, in the presence of H.E. Mrs Sofia Grammata – Greek Ambassador to România. Congratulation for this distinction and we wish SofMedica many more life-saving achievements.

#lifesavinginnovation #sofmedica #celebration

31.01.2020 – Colegele noastre Maria Ilin și Oana Ilie au participat la Conferința națională „Prevenirea și combaterea spălării banilor. Impactul noii legi asupra profesiilor liberale” în Aula Magna a Facultății de Drept din București. 

16.01.2020 – New twenties are here, with all its charm, grace and fun. 

Thank you #hrclub@madalinatanase@roxana_velicu, for the invitation and a great time in your company.

11.01.2020  – At the beginning of the year, we are happy to celebrate an important milestone of our online community: more than 1000 followers for our Linkedin account bring us both pride and joy. We thank you for your interest in our work and we will continue to provide you with useful and insightful legal information. Don’t forget to regularly check our brand new website and our insta account www.instagram.com/wearemco for a full image of what we do and who we are.

6.12.2019 – We are happy to share with you our logo for the winter season.

13.11.2019 – Fun Wednesday evening at the Forbes 100 Cool Brands gala with some of the most innovative companies in Romania.
What a great opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and meet friends from the business.

Well done Forbes!


30.10.2019 – HR Club ne-a propus astăzi o întâlnire interesantă, cu multe subiecte de actualitate, atât pentru companiile mari, cât şi pentru cele mici. Yves MorieuxBoston Consulting Group (BCG)– expert în transformare organizațională, ne-a prezentat modul în care companiile pot pune bazele schimbărilor structurale și de comportament pentru a prospera într-un mediu concurențial. Mulțumim HR Club pentru invitație și așteptăm workshop-urile din a doua parte a zilei.

16.10.2019 –  La invitația TNT Computers am participat ieri la Sovata la conferința T.A.R.E. organizată de Asociația Comunelor din România – A.Co.R.

Tema abordată a fost legată de folosirea tehnologiei în administrația publică locală, de felul în care soluțiile informatice ajută la îmbunătățirea serviciilor publice.

#tehnologie #smartcities

11.10.2019 – Duminica aceasta îi ținem pumnii colegului nostru Paul Banzea și tuturor participanților la #BIM-Bucharest International Marathon. Suntem onorați să fim din nou alături de organizatorii maratonului în calitate de #legalpartner și le dorim tuturor participanților mult success în cursa cu ei înșiși, să stabilească noi recorduri personale și să contribuie la cauzele caritabile prezente la BIM, și nu numai.

26.09.2019 – La invitatia HR Club vom ajunge la Iasi pe 10 octombrie. Colega noastra, Maria ILIN va prezenta intr-o maniera interactiva subiectul GDPR din perspectiva specialistului de resurse umane, abordand aspectele practice ale noului regulament. Pentru inscrieri, accesati: http://bit.ly/hrclubis

23.09.2019 – Aseară, la invitaţia lui Tudor Popp, am avut prilejul de a descoperi un proiect inovator – Hotspot Workhub, un nou concept de #coworking ce se va deschide în curând în clădirea The Mark.

Suntem încântați să fim alături de ei în acest nou proiect, iar în cadrul evenimentului de aseară, organizat împreună cu Camera de Comerţ Româno-Germană AHK Romania am admirat în #avanpremieră arhitectura modernă și ergonomia spațiului.

Un loc care oferă excelente condiţii de lucru, ideal pentru companiile aflate la început de drum sau în creştere. Deschiderea oficială este prevăzută pentru iarna aceasta. Mult succes!

19.09.2019 – HR Seminar

Sunteți familiarizați cu HR bots? Automatizarea proceselor de resurse umane se bazează pe tehnologia inteligentă și sunt deja companii care utilizează cu succes roboți și asistenți virtuali în activitatea de resurse umane. La invitația Romania-Insider.com am participat la un seminar pe aceasta tema, care i-a avut printre invitați pe Sonia Bighiu (UiPath), Tudor Petecila (Orange) și Ana-Maria Andrei (Provident), într-un panel moderat de  Sandra Jitianu.

28.06.2019 – A premiere for AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers‘ annual arbitration conference in Zurich: a healthcare seminar on the EU single market in medicine and medical devices. #aijaevents with Janine Reudt-Demont | Arne Feber | Dan Mihai | Marco Blei

21.06.2019 – La invitația HR Club, am fost la Cluj pentru un seminar de bune practici în resurse umane.

Noul regulament european pentru protecția datelor a adus provocări tuturor celor ce gestionează date personale, iar specialistii din HR nu fac excepție.

Am discutat împreună despre ce este și cum poate fi identificat un incident de securitate și despre măsurile de securitate ce pot fi luate pentru protecția datelor angajaților. Multumim gazdelor noastre pentru organizare și audienței pentru implicare.

11.06.2019 – Congratulations to our colleague, Maria ILIN on the CIPP/E Certification. What does it literally mean? #CIPP/E stands for Certified Information Privacy Professional in European data protection law, standards and practices and has become a default requirement for any professional advising in the field of EU data protection and privacy regulation. Developed by IAPP – International Association of Privacy Professionals, this credential proofs the complete GDPR knowledge, perspective and understanding to ensure compliance and data protection.


7.06.2019 – Full couple of weeks for our clients who celebrated their latest achievements. From movies premiere #Parking, produced by Libra Film Productions to STIRIXIS Group celebration of Best in the World Public Service Interior Design Award for Emerald Medical Center and ending with the 18th Edition of @Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), we were happy to share with them this moments.


13.05.2019What a night, Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) .What started as a formal business event, with a “traditional Indonesian-Dutch” dinner, glamorous lights and special guests later on transformed into an interactive fair party. Needless to say, the color of the evening was ROYAL ORANGE!

19.04.2019 – Romania – a South-East European Hub for the Dutch business community. In the presence of the Dutch ambassador in Romania, Ms Stella Ronner-Grubacic, our colleagues, Maria ILIN and Dan Mihai had the pleasure to attend the Business Networking Event organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Romania in partnership with the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW, represented by Mr. Hans de Boer and Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) represented by Tom Leene with the participation of NLinBusiness represented by Mr. Edo Offerhaus.

13.04.2019, Prague – We skipped the rain while cruising on Vltava, continuing the yearly Proteus – International Network of Law Firms meeting, with a chilly break for this group picture.

05.04.2019 – Great and insightful AIJA seminar today in Utrecht. It was all about M&A real estates deals, with a study case on tax aspects, and several examples from hospitality, retail and industrial properties. We return tomorrow for the last panels of discussions and a trip boat along the old wharves.

25.03.2019 – We are very happy to announce that our colleague Paul Banzea was recently admitted to the AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers T.R.A.D.E. Commission. T.R.A.D.E. is an acronym for trade, retail, agency, distribution and ecommerce, and the Commission addresses various topics related to national and international commercial law, with a particular focus on distribution channels, including franchising.

Congratulations, Paul!

22.03.2019 – La conferinta de ieri a Camerei Internationale de Comerț ICC, au fost abordate evoluțiile recente în arbitrajul ICC si problemele de arbitraj în materie de construcții în România.

21.03.2019Internship-urile sunt la moda printre studenții ce vor sa aibă exeperienta on the job și sunt o oportunitate pentru companii de a-și largi bazinul intern de talente și de a-și întări imaginea de angajator. La HR Club iîn cadrul seminarului de bune practici în legislația muncii, colegul nostru Dan Mihai a susținut o prezentare pe acest subiect, abordând valentele pozitive, dar și provocările pe care le presupune recurgerea la aceasta tehnica de recrutare.

18.03.2019Săptămâna trecută am fost, la invitația partenerilor noștri de la NOD Academy, la un workshop dedicat comunității CSP Social Club. Intervenția colegului nostru,  Dan Mihai, s-a axat pe problemele legale ale utilizării soft-urilor fără licență. Finalul zilei a fost dedicat networking-ului in jurul unei degustări de vinuri selectionate de gazda.

15.03.2019şîeu şînoi today

12.03.2019Today we had the traditional Business Breakfast with FiNEXPERT. Of course, we know how the accountant’s know-how can be one great compliment to the lawyer’s know how

o8.03.2019 – To the bright and charming part of our team, as well as to all the ladies with whom we work with throughout the year: have a lovely women’s day!

03.03.2019Our task is finished for now. Good luck mooties! A big hug to the University of Bucharest organizing team! Hope to be there for the mooties next year too as arbitrators and sponsors.

02.03.2019Second day of the International conference on arbitration and international commercial contracts is dedicated to the Bucharest Pre-moot competition. Our colleagues, Maria Ilin and Paul Banzea are members in the arbitration panels alongside with students from 16 universities from 10 countries, who are preparing for Willem C. Vis  competition – by far, the most prestigious event in the world on international commercial law and arbitration. For us, is an opportunity to support, through our sponsorship and implication, the young generation of lawyers, in their endeavor to achieve the knowledge and skills required in this field.

01.03.2019Selfie time in the opening of the 6th Bucharest Pre-moot Conference, a three days event on arbitration. Tonight’s program includes three panels of discussions around this topic, with guests from all over Europe and Romania. Tomorrow morning the simultaneous rounds of pleadings will begin, engaging all teams. Who will win? Stay with us for more.


28.02.2019 – Getting ready for the 6th Bucharest University Pre-moot event this weekend.

22.02.2019At the conference organized by Club Español del Arbitraje (CEA) Romanian Chapter, to promote the use of arbitration as a method of conflict resolution, a practice in expansion worldwide. One of the aims was to increase the visibility of the practitioners in this field while promoting the use of arbitration by local and foreign companies.

o8.02.2019 – Shots were fired at Nicolae Titulescu University where leading scholar experts in the field of civil procedural law are commenting on the recent modifications brought to the Romania Civil Procedure Code after law no. 310/2018 has entered into force. We are happy to announce that our litigation department is present and active in understanding exactly how the effects of the new modifications will impact the rights and obligations to any party to a civil litigation. At the same time, it is a pleasure to interact with the participants at the conference, as it seems mixing lawyers and magistrates registers as a good cocktail. If you have any questions regarding the effects of law no. 310/2018 on your pending litigation files or on potential future civil conflicts, Mihai & Co  Business lawyers are ready to answer.

08.02.2019Since yesterday we are the masters of the networking following the BNI event on Opportunities, 2019. Best way to celebrate the International Networking Week, through sharing stories on visionary communities and talking about the role of the business community in the society.