Tudor earned his Law degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest in 2023 and finalized an LL.M. Programme in International Arbitration, provided by the same institution.

Through his studies, Tudor discovered the vital connection between international, European, and national regulations, as well as the intricate interplay between arbitral disputes and litigations, particularly in the fields of Intellectual Property, Construction and Sports Law.

His academic journey encapsulates his shift from a Civil law background, such as Romanian law, to the nuanced world of arbitration. This experience has broadened his legal perspective, allowing him to display his adaptability and willingness to embrace diverse legal frameworks, thus reflecting his personal and professional growth.

Tudor firmly believes that efficient communication is crucial in order to prevent any potential misunderstandings or conflicts. By establishing clear and open ways of communication, he asserts that it is highly unlikely not to find a solution to any issue that may arise.

As of June 2024, he is a member of the Bucharest Bar Association.